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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Michelin surprised me with the have-your-cake-and-eat-it PSS so I'm ready to eat crow here, but comparing favorably to summer tires likely means these will be total crap in winter. Which is no different than any other all-season, but calling a tire all-season doesn't make it so. I own a set of the purportedly awesome all-season Conti DWS's and they're terribly disappointing in terms of dry grip compared to even a lackluster summer tire, and wet grip isn't much better. As for snow...please. They're round and hold air and don't turn into bricks below 35F, that's all I ask of them. Hopefully the AS/3 are a huge step up from the DWS... All of the tires on my street cars (truck, 335, and M3) are Michelins so I am definitely a fan of their products but I don't kid myself either
All-season tires are often jokingly called no-season tires, because they're the best at nothing.

If you were not impressed with the DWS in winter, you will not be impressed with the A/S3 in winter. Michelin is saying it is the same snow traction as the A/S Plus, which was less winter-oriented than the DWS. People with serious winters should have real winter tires.

You may find that the A/S3 is more satisfying in the summer, though it would not be as good of a summer tire as the PSS (naturally).
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