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Originally Posted by smmmurf View Post
Rich. They're versatile like RA-1's. Rain (snow?) tires when new and then race tires when worn down to 4/32.

But is it legal to camber shave them? And what happens when the compound changes mid-cycle and they suddenly start to suck?

Also, 4/32 is a mud tire, back when I was srs bzns I *started* at 2/32. Season in one session, let sit, 1 q, 1 race, toss, repeat. Worked well when winning enough contingency to buy a set of tires per weekend, would totally suck if not. Tire management was the single most annoying thing about Spec Miata on Toyoa because seasoned tires were so good at the end of a long run compared to stickers. At least with the Hoosiers now you can be sure to bolt on a new set and go faster (maybe). There were days I put brand new tires on the car and sucked and days I put tires with a little canvas showing on and went faster, WTF, effin toyos...ugh end rant

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