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Originally Posted by Walked U View Post
Hahaha I LOL'ed at this in real life.

All jokes aside tho. Im a bit skeptical about hanging with e60 m5 up to 170 mph.

Say you have 420 crank hp thats about 370 rwhp if you do the whole 15% drive train loss crap.

That would make you dyno a little less than me on 91 octane, and Im only even with anthony's m5 till 130 mph from a 2nd gear 40 roll.

Best case senario you make 420 rwhp. Id be very supirsed because it seems like you have the same performance mods i do. With me having an oil cooler and v2 as a difference.

I have my WI / meth injec kit at home sitting in my living room.

WI/meth injec is awesome but all it does is cool down the intake charge and boost octane.

In some cases if or not tuned for it youll end up gaining little to no power. Esp when our ecus only adapt to 93 octane.

So you would need a custom / protune to take full advantage of the meth injec.

But cool im not going to call bs anything can happen.
Ill gladly show you my car is deffinatly a little faster then yours if you wanna make the trip down here .

BTW i do have an oilcooler, an intake and a little more then ya walkedu let me go take pics of my engine bay .