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the CCC and CIC system works via an linux distro system called Wind River VxWorks.
It is a pain in the ass to figure out and reverse engineer the drivers for the idrive knob.
I've tried this without any succes.

I've also searched for an 8.8 inch full HD screen without succes.
I can only find 8.8 inch add on touch screen modules.

The Kindle Fire HD is also near 8.8 inch but has a different aspect ratio.
The aspect ratio of the original 8.8 inch screen is 23:10 (or 25:10?).
CCC has 640x240 and CIC 1280x480 resolution.
CIC has 4 times better resolution, but I do not know if only the screen is replaceable from CCC to CIC.

From the beginning my plan is to use a android phone as multimedia device as it has GPS, GSM, 3G and all the other needs build in with video RCA out.

The only thing i'm doubting about is what to buy?
- Dension iCon Drive
- Multimedia input like

iCon drive has steeringwheel control support (next/prev/play/pauze) and 1 RCA input
modmynav idea is much cheaper and has 3 RCA inputs