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Originally Posted by Groundpilot
tiato, how do you like MCS suspension? My mechanic told me about this a few month ago. He has a race shop and is a club racer, said most of his clients are installing MCS single adjustables.
MCS singles are great. Running 500f and 800r spring rates. On the road with those springs the ride with rebound turned down to 3 is very, very tolerable. Pitch is stock like. Smaller, sharper bumps are noticeable but would also be with stock shock / performance spring combo.

Turn rebound up and roll is controlled amazingly well. Turn it way up and it almost disappears. Just a touch of rear roll after turn in as the weight transfers. The weight helps the rotate and it settles down 1-2 car lengths before the apex. Last week at the glen I made one click of rebound adjustment and I felt it.

Was going to set my sway bars to full stiff to get more spring rate but I am liking the medium setting.

In the front the dampers are mated to GC street camber plates ( no caster adj) and in the rear to GC shock mounts.