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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
That is fast! Will you be up there with GVCC sep 20-22? Any pointers? Will be there on AD08's and would just be hoping to break 2:20. Will be my first time out there.
As tiato said, if its your first time there, just take it easy initially, learn your lines and dont worry about lap times. This track is very fast and demands full consentration at all times.
The key to be fast is not to be intimidated by high speed and almost no room for error.
Most important turns are T1 and T11.
Most intimidating corners are T6 and T10. Do not lift in the esses.
T10 can be taken at close to 90 mph with our cars, but it takes big balls to do that lol. Most ppl brake there before the turn in, but Aaron Povoledo told me not to brake, just lift and dont go over the curb exiting that corner.