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Originally Posted by dab33d View Post
I currently have 2 Deposits and am on the WL at 2 dealers in pretty good spots #4 / #7 . One of these dealers who is in the middle of nowhere in CA , promised MSRP . Anyhow, I went to a dealer yesterday with my girl to look at 528's for her and talked M with one of the sales managers there. This is what he told me:

1) Waitlists are complete bull, dealers will sell the car to anyone who is willing to pay the highest amount, regardless of position on the WL.

2) The car will be marked up 10k-20k at initial release. If you wait 3-6 months, this amount will drop to 5Kish.

My question is , how valid do you guys think this is. Basing upon previous experiences with the e46, was this the case as well. Do you think my 2 deposits (which both have been cashed) will hold up and will give me a better chance to be first to take delivery ? ALSO, what about what this sales mgr had to say? Any feedback would be appreciated !
BMW Dealers are independant companies, some are honest, some are dishonest. YMMV. If you have your deposit in at a dealer that you trust and have done business with before and they have been honest with you in prior dealings then you should be all set. If you have your deposit in with two dealers that you have worked with and have been reputable then I would say you have covered your bases.

As to what that sales mgr had to say, he is correct in that there are some dealers that undoubtly follow such practices, particularly in certain geographical areas where demand outstrips local supply, however he is wrong in the sense that his implicaiton that ALL dealers follow said practices. THere are honest dealers out there.