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Originally Posted by lvwirelessguy View Post
You can have your opinion about anything but the facts are the facts.
The E46 M3 has a lower seating position

In stock form the only way the E92 drives better is the fact that its got a smoother ride, less harsh of a suspension

But for me thats not better

Since you are not able to enjoy the CLS for what it is maybe you should sell it to a true enthusiast
When we are instructing people at the Ring we are 6-8 guys, its common between all of us regarding the high seating position in the M3, not just me.
Also about how that car rides. Its not something I made up.
I felt the same thing in my E46 325i sedan. Not good.

I always lower the seat to the lowest possible position in any car, so Im kind of into sittin low, really important to me to feel the car better.

By the way, its not a CSL, but a CS. And its one of the other instructors driving it. He loves it, but I can almost follow his pace around the Ring with my wifes Golf GT 190 HP, so his speed is not extreme.

About being a true enthusiast, its not neccessary to insult me. Im not a racing driver by far, but I do love trackdriving and would say I have a good feeling with a car and how it handles.
I can tell you when it comes to cars I really am enthusiastic, but I can enjoy any car, doesnt have to a certain brand or model, as long as it handles well.

And Im not afraid to dislike a car or model that other people love. Im true to my feelings.

And about stiff vs soft suspetion, I like both, but the car must handle well and communicate with me so I can give 100%.

Some cars are like that, the M5, all "normal BMWs I have driven at the Ring except my own E46 325i and the E46 M3 (terrible ride imo), all Porsches have been super, the best ride I ever had was in a 997 GT3 and thats not a soft car. But it was just perfect! The owner thought we did a sub 8 minutes lap.
The new E92 gives me the same kind of good feeling and I feel you can push it right to its limits without any drama.

Jaja, I guess there is noone here that talks my language, but we can agree to have different opinions on the same car, cant we?