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Originally Posted by TaylorGame View Post
I had her.. Damn

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Was going to ask how you got away with that without being ticketed. Until I saw the last pictures

What did they write you up for? No standing?
Yeah just parking tickets for being there.

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What a night! Fun times as always! Matt, post the picture of you sweet talking the woman officer
Had a blast with you guys as usual. Will do, that pic is priceless, I'm so glad Alex caught it when he did - as she's handing me the ticket. I did get her to smile though

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Really nice pics.

What color red are the two cars with the black rims? I'm assuming that's montreal red on the car with the LMs (or lm style) wheels.
Those are 2 fire orange lime rocks. Some of the shots look a little different because of the animated billboards lighting up different colors. The only red one there was the Melbourne red coupe.