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recommend me a car

sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I love my 2002 BMW X5 3.0 but it's a maintenance hog. There is no end in sight for repairs needed, I put more into it than its worth. My evap in the ac just went too...

So here's the story. I'm 20 years old, In my last year of college Fall-14, I work in IT. And need another car (non-bmw) sorry. no "God's chariot e30"

so far I'm considering the following options...

cars under 10k from dealer auctions (clean title)...

-Toyota solara, tacoma-(if I get lucky),
-lexus es300, is300, sc300, sc400
-infinity g35
-Honda accord coupe

looking more for a 2 door and I live in New England . Planning to use the car for up to 3 years. I take good care of all my cars.
Which car would you add to the list
or tips, suggestions, what to stay away from.

From previous experience, I will never buy a Volvo, Saab or Audi.
Back to BMW when I am more Financially stable.