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I tried the Motorola Sliver Elite and it was.. OK.. my BlueAnt Q3 is better. Still searching....

I do have the wind deflector and it is GREAT! It really extends the season for using the car with the top down, and for some of the ladies, it really helps with keeping the hair from getting too windblown. With the windows rolled up and the rear screen up, the sound is OK with an ear piece, but for extended conversation, I really don't want to have the windows up or rear screen up. I enjoy the breeze.

I had the screen on my E46 vert, and when I picked up my E93 at the Performance Center, I had one shipped there, so I could have it for the drive home. It's a little more difficult to raise while driving than it was with the E46 one, but I added a black nylon 1" strap to the middle and now I just reach back and grab the strap and pull it up. I'll send a photo when I get a chance.