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Originally Posted by bvernon View Post
He had a radar detector detector, though I didn't ask him which type of the ones listed in my original comments. Most likely he was using a Spectre 3 device.
I run the STI-R aint detecting me with that Spectre 3

Originally Posted by dmw16 View Post
Broke the rules, got caught, gotta pay the ticket. At least it's no points and he didn't take your radar detector.

I had a V1 for a while but ended up selling it. Driving between MD and VA it was more trouble than it was worth. I think in the time I had it I found 1 speed trap. Most of the time at least where I drive (I270) it seems like most speeding busts are by unmarked cars pacing you in traffic.
Yep this is what I'm most worried about.. All the jamming and detection gear in the world can't save you from that.

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