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LOL at this thread..I like how some guys are like "you can't see anything" the vids are fake blah blah.. Well I was there so I saw first hand what happend.Also the M's were trying in P500 BOTH of them at the SAME TIME!.Also Being an Ex E46 M3 owner my stock M3 handled better then my Stock 335 but After my upgrades it's the other way around because the E92 chassis is newer and better thats just the way life goes.Would I Choose the New M3 over a 335 personally no I don't think after all the bad reviews it's getting that it's all that, and I rather spend the extra money modding my car but thats just me.Also just because it's an M doesn't automatically mean it's better! Thats even been said in the reviews of the new M "It's not as hard eged as it used to be" thats what alot of those folks are saying.Also about the whole loss in value crap, please since when is any car an "Investment" are you kidding me? Well in that case I'll still take my 335 and invest the money I would have spent on the the M and make money on that DONE.What else do you have to say nothing because no matter how you slice it they are still the same damn car just with different out of the box performance thats all.It's not that hard.