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Originally Posted by garthbo View Post
Hey guys. I'm finalizing my order here in the Philippines and still deciding on the wheels. There are two choices for 19" and they are:

1) M Light alloy wheels Double Spoke style 225 M 19" - additional Euros 479
2) M Light alloy wheels Double Spoke style 220 M 19" - additional Euros 1,321

I've only seen the 220 M style and not the 225 M style. Can anyone post a pic of the 225 M style? Quite a big price difference especially if you consider our weak currency here in the Philippines. Thanks.
Style 225M are the wheels for the M sport package for the regular E92. You can see them in the E92 brochure. But these wheels have different dimensions, are you sure that they're available for the M3?

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