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Originally Posted by lukester View Post
we're getting there.
fastest time I had on tape was a 7:36min from last year.
here's a 7:31 Bridge to Gantry which could have been easily
a 7:2x min on a trackday where you pass the first bridge with 170mph.
At that point I just started accelerating - so a big loss.

my sector times compared to a M3 GTS are faster
but still - I'd love to have the 4.4 GTS engine
and yes - the 6speed manual is slower - but it's much more fun and
that's why I do it.

for a do it yourself garage build I'm pretty happy with my M3

here's the HD link - enjoy - comment and subscribe
Lukester--congrats on the great time!

Also--random fact--I saw you at the Nurburgring about this time last year. I may even have some pictures of your car! I snapped a quick pic of you driving by because I KNEW I recognized your car from somewhere. It's taken me this long to realize I had seen your car before here on M3Post.

Keep up the great driving!