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Originally Posted by lsal View Post
$800 for W&T is a pretty good deal
Originally Posted by nullrouted View Post
Probably not -- I've just had bad luck throughout my driving-life with flats. From when I started driving at 18, in the last 11 years I've driven 9 different cars and had approximately 15 flat tires in that time. So I put my average at >1 flat per year and based on that math I figured the plan would pay for itself.
Consider this :
You can get the same warranty (except for the the towing reimbursment) for the Pilot Super Sport or PS2's for $40 per tire (tax included) at Discount tire. (I checked).

let's say you get 30,000 miles out of the tires and drive 15,000 per year then each tire will last you 2 year. Over 5 years you will then need 2.5 set of tires.
So the total cost for comparison with the dealer insurrance ($800) is :
$40 x 4 tires x 2.5 sets = $400 for the tire insurance

That gives you plenty of margin for towing cost (besides if you get a AAA membership...) and one wheel replacement. If you drive 30,000 per year it is same price $800 but who drives that much, i don't. So I do not see the value in that.

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