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lukester does the Nordschleife BTG 7:31 in E92 M3

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we're getting there.
fastest time I had on tape was a 7:36min from last year.
here's a 7:31 Bridge to Gantry which could have been easily
a 7:2x min on a trackday where you pass the first bridge with 170mph.
At that point I just started accelerating - so a big loss.

my sector times compared to a M3 GTS are faster
but still - I'd love to have the 4.4 GTS engine
and yes - the 6speed manual is slower - but it's much more fun and
that's why I do it.

for a do it yourself garage build I'm pretty happy with my M3.

Current specs/mods:

KW 3way suspension
4:10 diff
some solid bushings at the rear subframe
GT4 front lip and rear spoiler
GFK hood and rear trunk lid
Full rollcage
2x Recaro seats
Schroth 6point harness
CAE shifter
Macht Schnell pulleys
Evolve software
Akrapovic exhaust
265/35 or 285/30-18 Michelin Cup tires all around
StopTech ST40 all around
a lot of stickers as every sticker gives you ~2sec per lap
removed some not needed crap out of the car
to try to compensate the rollcage which is 141lbs/64kg
big engine oil cooler,active differential cooling
and a upgraded power steering cooling

here's the HD link - enjoy - comment and subscribe

And some onboard "outtakes"