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Originally Posted by Linz3 View Post
I recommend a coupe (

...but since it looks that you are looking for a sedan...

...the price seems a bit steep, but it's also coming from a BMW dealership. I had a good experience with BMW Autohaus, having purchased my '02 M3 there. Take a look through Autotrader and equivalent to see comparisons. You can probably pay about $10k less for an equivalent kms car that's likely a bit older, and have that money aside for potential repairs, if you're also considering warranty.

All M-car engines do eat oil-- approx. 1L per 5-10,000kms, so nothing special there, though a bit surprising they would have it like that to show.

The E9x cars are pretty solid, so nothing particular to look for that I know of.

Good luck on your search.
Thanks, I am only looking for a E90 as I just like how it looks.