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Originally Posted by shu5892001 View Post
Hi guys,

I have joined the forum over a year ago and is finally ready to pull the trigger on a pre-owned M3.

What's a reasonable price that I should get it down to? I am thinking 58k OTD?

Also anything in particular I should look for? When I went to see the car, the engine oil was low but sales guy told me it was normal for the M3 to consume some oil?

Btw anyone know whose car this was? How was this car taken care of? There seemed to be a lot of swirl marks on the paint.

I recommend a coupe (

...but since it looks that you are looking for a sedan...

...the price seems a bit steep, but it's also coming from a BMW dealership. I had a good experience with BMW Autohaus, having purchased my '02 M3 there. Take a look through Autotrader and equivalent to see comparisons. You can probably pay about $10k less for an equivalent kms car that's likely a bit older, and have that money aside for potential repairs, if you're also considering warranty.

All M-car engines do eat oil-- approx. 1L per 5-10,000kms, so nothing special there, though a bit surprising they would have it like that to show.

The E9x cars are pretty solid, so nothing particular to look for that I know of.

Good luck on your search.