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Originally Posted by lsal View Post
How does it hold up against a tuned GTR?
Here's how my old standard ESS VT2 625 kit did against the following GTR's that I ran on airstrips (roughly 40-155mph):

Stock 2013 GTR - 5 or 6 car lengths
Tuned+minor bolt on 2012 GTR - 2 car lengths
FBO 2013 GTR - lost by 1 car length
e85 GTR - lost by 3 or 4 car lengths but I hit the rev limit twice lol

Since then I have upgraded to a 650 kit and added water/meth so I should be running fairly even with e85 GTR's now...maybe 1 car length behind. I will get my shot later in Sept at the next Shift-Sector Coalinga Airstrip Event. There will be at least one e85 GTR there and probably a few. Mind you this is a $10-$15K upgrade for a GTR and some of these have blown people away by running with upgraded turbo (Alpha 9) GTR's.

On that track I've got a BBK and running camber plates and now with a dedicated 18" wheel/tire combo. This combo plus the power mods should be more than sufficient to handle a stock GTR given equally skilled drivers.

And even buying this fully loaded M3 new, I still have way less $$$ into my car than if I bought a GTR and left it stock.

Originally Posted by avex8 View Post
Are you sure? I think it's the opposite
A stock M3 has no chance against a stock GTR in any type of race but modded right things change.
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