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Originally Posted by Lifted07Duramax View Post
Man I hate saying this but it holds true here. If you had $35k you can get a stock M3 or a 335i and mod it to the point of 475rwhp + and still be under $35k, Im sure this is a big reason why most go with the 335i
If I could afford an M3 AND the charger to go with it no question Id get an M3
But I got a 335i cause for the price its the fastest car you can get in its price range and still have all that luxury.
Not even a stock C6 vette for $25k can hang with a modded 335i

BTW, do you know what your M3 runs in the 1/4? Or atleast its trap?
No doubt the 335 is the best bang-for-your-buck. On my VBox I was doing 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and 0-100mph in 8.0 seconds (Procede, meth, DCI, dps + LSD and Mich PSS tires). On roll-on acceleration events (40-140mph) I was fairly even with two different ESS VT1 535 S/C M3's.

I've never had the M3 to the drag strip (not my thing) but when my car was just the VT2 625, I was dead even with a Weistec Stg 2 supercharged C63 AMG in a roll-on acceleration from 40-160mph. That same car was trapping consistent 129mph a couple weeks before at Famoso. Since then I've upgraded to the VT2 650 kit and I'm running water/meth. So perhaps in the 129-132mph range conservatively I'd guess.
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