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Originally Posted by v1k1ng01 View Post
Go fly a kite... PPL need certain things in cars for different reasons, and I needed a vehicle that could handle adverse weather and poor road conditions but could still haul anus on the German Auto Bahn... I didn't want an Audi, and the 4 Matic sucks... Perhaps you should abstain from making ignorant and pointless comments...
It's not a pointless comment. X-drive is horrible. Putting that under a M3 would sap half of what makes the M3 enjoyable out of the car. Not only that, but the entire concept of the M3 revolves around it being RWD.

I don't understand why anyone buys x-drive cars but I know they sell a lot. M3 is quite manageable on plowed roads with snow tires. If you're going through actual accumulated snow, why would you want to be in a performance car?

So why would you ruin a car, raise the ride height, destroy the handling balance, add weight, to provide zero actual on road benefit? During any condition you would actually BE in a M3 if you're sane, snow tires are sufficient.