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I mean no disrespect by saying this but OP must have never spent a day in an M3... Only after doing that would you know why M3 drivers buy the M3 even when there are (arguably) faster cars or even (arguably) more tunable cars out there.

For me and most of the other drivers of M3 I have spoken to, its more than just the speed. The car evokes so much emotion in all phases of ownership. When its parked it evokes emotion aesthetically. While cruising it offers a ridiculous combo of power and engine/exhaust noise. Need I even explain WOT... Sweeping turns on the highway it really grips the road and hooks into each turn. And for those who track it or AutoX it you know the benefits of how dynamic this car is.

335i is a great car. I considered one when buying my E46... After seat time in a considerably older E46 M3 I realized how silly I was for making that comparison.

Now, I won't be spending my money on a non-M product until they mess up that formula.

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