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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Exactly the point my friend!

People were bringing up modifications including tunes, etc on the 335 and superchargers on the M3.

That's why after the vid I mentioned what would happen if a stock M3 raced a stock 335. I'm sure it would be just as bad if not worse. FWIW my M3 dyno'd stock at 365 RWHP and my baseline dyno with my 2007 335i (bone stock) was 271 RWHP and my 2010 335 (turned off the Procede to stock boost settings) with catless dps and intake was something like 289 RWHP.
Man I hate saying this but it holds true here. If you had $35k you can get a stock M3 or a 335i and mod it to the point of 475rwhp + and still be under $35k, Im sure this is a big reason why most go with the 335i
If I could afford an M3 AND the charger to go with it no question Id get an M3
But I got a 335i cause for the price its the fastest car you can get in its price range and still have all that luxury.
Not even a stock C6 vette for $25k can hang with a modded 335i

BTW, do you know what your M3 runs in the 1/4? Or atleast its trap?
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