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ONEighty° | Frozen White Edition E92 Build

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When first speaking to our customer, he informed us that he wanted to do something different with his car and wanted our help in deciding which route he should take. Originally the vehicle had M Performance Parts which included the mirror caps, front splitters and trunk spoiler. Even though original BMW parts are a great way to go, in our case it didn’t match up. The M3 coupe comes standard with a carbon fiber roof, so technically the carbon fiber M Performance accessories should match up well, but unfortunately BMW didn’t think it through all the way. The roof has a 1×1 weave while all their M Performance Accessories are a 2×2 weave. In most cases people may not notice it, but when dealing with an M3 everything should be a perfect match.

Not only was this M3 one of the last of it’s kind but it is 1 of 150 Frozen Edition M3′s built for the US Market. Our mission was to pair it up with sharp and unique modifications to represent the exclusivity of this vehicle. We went back and forth with the customer figuring out the perfect items to keep the car classy, maintaining its original form but to also give it that unique touch with an aggressive look. Instead of simply installing aftermarket parts we decided to assign an accent color to the vehicle. After some delegation our decision was Pantone Process Blue from the BMW Motorsports Logo. We chose this color because it’s not something you see very often and is a unique color in itself, just like the Frozen White paint job.

To match up with the 1×1 Carbon Fiber roof we removed all the M Performance Accessories and started searching for some high quality pieces. We contacted Gintani and selected their 1×1 CF Weave Aero Kit, which includes the front spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper fins & rear diffuser. Their parts were a direct match and we could not imagine any better fitment for an aftermarket item. While the Aero Kit was being manufactured we started with the headlights. Since we specialize in that field we wanted to keep the OEM+ theme going with something very basic but super unique. We did a 1×1 Carbon Fiber Housing in a Gloss Finish, LED Angel Eyes, Smoked out the Turn Signal Reflector, Installed a clear lens in the cornering light and replaced the original low beam projector lens with a clear lens for a cleaner look and better functionality. Next step was to lower the car for a more aggressive stance, but to keep a smooth ride on these New York streets. We decided to go with H&R springs, which we have been using on our cars and installing them frequently for our customers, so we were familiar with the ride quality. When it came down to the accent color, we originally wanted to go with just painted mirror caps and brakes but decided it may be too much, so we painted the inside of the mirror which is not something we do very often. The fender trim was painted because the process blue looks gorgeous on the frozen white & of course the Brembo BBK which needs no explanation. The car is still fairly new with under 1,000 miles so we didn’t want to do any performance modifications just yet, but we wanted the M3 to be heard when driving down the street. We equipped it with a Borla Exhaust System which sounds great with minimal drone in the car. It isn’t loud and obnoxious but definitely a noticeable difference which is perfect for a daily driver. Last but not least we installed a front flip out plate since it’s a requirement in NY & a rear backup camera to function with the parking sensors.

For the future we are planing to install a set of forged wheels and doing some engine work, stay tuned.

Vehicle: 2013 BMW M3
Color: Frozen White


Exterior Design
  • ONEighty Custom Headlights
  • Gintani Full Aero Kit in 1×1 Carbon Fiber
  • Process Blue Fender Side Marker
  • Color Coded Front Bumper Reflectors
  • Process Blue Mirror Accents
  • Front Automatic Flip-Out Plate

  • Borla Exhaust System
  • Brembo BBK in Process Blue
  • H&R Lowering Springs

Other Modifications
  • OEM Style Intergrated Backup Camera
  • Comfort Coding

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Last piece to finish off the exterior just arrived thanks to IND. 3D-Design Trunk Lip in 1x1 CF w/ the Process Blue Strip.

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