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Originally Posted by AshyLarryMP View Post
The Corvette is a great race car, but it wreaks of mid life crisis. Around here I think the Corvette is more of a status symbol than a race car. Most of the guys I see driving them are just cruising the speed limit and it seems they are more focused on listening to talk news radio rather than having an awesome driving experience.
Up until your post, this was a string comparing cars and their merits.

Your own mental attitude about cars is that you measure yourself by what you drive, and are mightily concerned about your image.

BMW drivers are often criticized as being image conscious, and of course that's sometimes true (you, for instance), but really, so what. People buy cars and other things for all kinds of reasons.

If old guys buy Vettes, so what. The cars are killers on track, benign on the street, and get very good mileage.

Try ignoring your image a bit. You'll be a happier person, without the worries of caring what other people think.

And by the way, that's "reeks", instead of "wreaks", as in "wreaks havoc", which Vettes routinely do on track against many other sports cars.