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You guys should have been on the forum back in 2007-08 (don't judge my current "join date" I am on my second life haha). People were talking trash ab the coming GT-R just another nissan Z car, not serious comparison to a BMW. Many ridiculed how such a heavy pig would handle in the twisties. Now, you get the likes of Longwong crying not to compare the 'Supercar' GT-R to a simple BMW. So conviniently hypocritical. Let's blow all myths in both directions :

- a GT-R is not significantly more expensive. I considered buying a 2010 GT-R last month for $71K but instead ordered one of the last ever produced E92 M3's.

- Driving an M3 is more fun than driving a GT-R in the long run (not just a one time testdrive). For equally performing cars a NA engine will always be more fun than a FI one. You can even take mismatched cars in performance and the NA aspirated one will be more fun.

-The M3 has class and is the better rounded overall car. GT-R interior looks like a 12 years old sega console. The next gen. GT-R will probably improve significantly on interior tough.

-If all you want is brute power and torque the GT-R delivers. Just don't expect the engine to sound better than an old dog on steroids. Much prefer the S65 NA sound (not as nice as a LFA sound but better).

-I personally do not like the GT-R front and I think it lacks class.

-No stickshift !

-Stop the BS about the GT-R not being in the same league as an M3. I could have got either one and chose the M3. And good luck with Nissan Service even GT-R certified...

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