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Buyer Beware

I recently sold an e92 complete door (shell+window regulator+ window motor+glass+etc..) to Jonathan Galka for $475 shipped. The buyer contacted me after 2 days saying that the door is all banged up and he wanted me to refund half of what he paid... I told him to send me some pictures of the damage, so I can file a claim with insurance..He never did, instead he filled a dispute with PayPal.
Of course, Paypal decides in his favor. He returned the package but it wasn't my door. (it was a control arm from an xi ). PayPal automatically issued refund to the buyer, once they the delivery was confirmed.
I called PayPal gazillion times and tried to explain the situation but no luck.
I know he is on E90post, so I want you guys to be aware of this dude.

This is what I received