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ESCO 10498 jack stands are highly regarded and known for their sturdy design and flat top rubber padded saddle. In about 90 days Reverse Logic will be offering a new slightly smaller version of the 10498 stands. The model number will be 10499.

The 10498 stands have a minimum height of about 13" and a maximum height of about 21". The tripod legs are about 12" apart on the standard 10498 model. There are 5 holes in the solid steel post which are spaced about 50mm apart.

The stands that Reverse Logic will be selling are slightly smaller. The minimum height will be just under 11" and he maximum height will be just under 17". Basically, both the tripod legs and the post are cut down by about 2" each, which translates to a 2" reduction of the minimum height and a 4" reduction of the maximum height. The tripod legs will be about 10" apart on this shortened stand. The other change we are making is adding a second hole in the outer tube for the locking pin. So even though there are only 4 holes in the shortened post, there will be 7 distinct positions corresponding to 25mm increments.

For vehicles with jack points just behind the front wheels and just ahead of the rear wheels, it's not necessary to have a very high jack stand to get the wheels off the ground. The 13" minimum height of the 10498 stands is higher than what's needed on an M3.

Pricing for the new jack stands will be about the same as the current stands since there is relatively little difference in material cost. Perhaps once the volume of the shortened stand increases the pricing will be revisited.

Reverse Logic is also planning to offer an optional post with one of our jack pad blocks attached to the top. This option will work with both the existing 10498 stands and the new 10499 stands. With this option the jack stands can be positioned inside the jack point pocket on BMWs. The block we will use is the same one currently being used with our modified Torin T43004 stands.
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