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Originally Posted by karussell View Post
i would never call an M3 more responsive & involving than a 911. its a great car and its good value but an M3 is never going to feel like a 911 simply because its a sports sedan and the 911 is a true sports car. all the way down to the engineering philosophy of the cars this is evident.

For instance an M3's engine is certainly capable of pushing the car up past 190mph. yet the car is artificially limited to 167mph. why is that? its simple. BMW chooses to not make the suspension, brakes, tires, wheels, and a myriad of other components to enable the car to perform at its vmax and slow it down. that would make it cost much more. You say the Porsche is more expensive and don't see the value. well name one Porsche that has a speed limiter? A base 911 C2 will go faster than an M3 because it like every 911 was designed to perform at its highest possible limit. the only limitation is nature. air resistance, friction.

I can make a stock M3's brakes fade after 15 minutes on a GP Track. One lap on stock brakes at the ring and the car has to sit 30 minutes for the fluid to cool enough to do another lap. Where as I can take a lowly "underpowered" C2S lap after lap and stock vs. stock the C2S is noticeably faster. the brakes are superb. its confidence inspiring. point the car and shoot.

yes a stock M3 and especially a modified M3 is great fun to drive. I have owned several, driven them, coached in them, and raced in them many years. but to call it more involving? never. more responsive? no way. more fun? depends on the occasion to me. like i said previously. an M3 is so easy to drive fast and its balanced so well and that makes it very fun car. especially when you want to slide a bit. but if you want a challenge and ultimately a faster car, then try a 911 on a track. don't dare think about lifting off the throttle mid corner though.

In stock form any porsche blows away our m3s in terms of responsiveness let alone the other myriad of aspects as you so nicely point out. Some people just can't get their own bias out of their way.

There's a reason the 911 is the best race car ever built and why in alms it has spanked bmw for years and years and has more wins than other other manuf by a large margin.