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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
I drove a 997S, 4S, and Cayman S before choosing my M3 in 2011. The M3 just felt like the better overall car. I just recently drove a 991S. It is definitely more capable than the M3. That said, it cost $120k and wasn't even as well equipped as my fairly loaded M3, which stickered for $74k. What is impressive, then, is how much the M3 offers what what it costs. You have to spend A LOT more to get just a little better. The M3 really sits in the sweet spot of performance car ownership.
The 911 isn't just a little better. It's in a different ball game let alone league than anything bmw. The 997.2 S was a good amount better than our m3s and the 991 is supercar performance with less hp than out m3s. Not even close.

OP - I couldn't disagree with you more. The 911 is just a better car flat out...and im talking just a 911/S. Maybe not per dollar but that's what happens when you hit certain levels of performance. A 458 Italia isn't 5 times better or faster. Obviously your car isn't stock so going from 600 hp to almost anything else is going to feel slower but you can't tell me that 911 didn't far surpass you car in terms of grip or steering feel which isn't at all close. The 911 is a far more connected car. Also go drive a GT3 and you'll never want to drive anything else again as far as fun and connection and speed go.