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you think like me. like your style.
my opinion. keep S2K. you are in perfect place for it. its a classic!
E90 will be classic down the road…way down the road.
if you want an M3 sedan get an E36! tough to find a good one but they are around. they will only go up in value at this point. E36 is very nice. light nimble. passenger will actually fit in front and back. rear seat belts are backwards and totally cool. I like purple. techno violet.

good luck with the search. oh if you really go with the E90 make sure the back seats fold down! really cuts down the utility of them if they don't.

Originally Posted by pyrocpu View Post
"I'll keep my S2000 for decades!" ... so I said for the past 6 years...

So help me out here--dilemma... considering a buddy's gently-loved 08MY E90 M3, 6-speed. It's kinda like the other posting on here, where the OP is toying around with the idea of selling his M3 for a GT-R... only for me... sell S2000 for M3?

Background (keeping it as concise as possible):
* Bought the S2000 new in 2007
* Until last autumn, it had only 16K on the odometer
* Was a third vehicle; daily driver was a 12MY FX35
* Past vehicles have always been new; highlights include 03MY G35 Coupe 6-speed, 05MY 350Z 6-speed, Xterra Off-Road 6-speed
* Worked in the auto industry for a decade where my job was to analyze new cars & trucks, critiquing faults and noting highlights of vehicles such as: build quality, NVH, ergonomics, feature set, on-track performance, real world driving dynamics

Current Status:
* Divorced, lost the FX that I'd *just* gotten, plus the lost the other car
* Was a third vehicle, now the only car (motorcycle I got to keep )
* S2K has 27k on the clock, being pressed into daily driving duties
* Finally bought another house, post-divorce, back on the West Coast
* 11mi ea/way commute

* Early 30s w/ girlfriend
* No kids, not intending any anytime soon
* Used to do 3-4 HPDEs a year
* Used to love mountain drives
* Truly not a brand-whore--I could have instead gotten a new base 335i sedan at the time
* Work hard, play harder

S2000 Pros:
* Old-school VTEC: love the cam kickover! Love revving the engine. Sorry, a little bit of a ricer at heart.
* Transmission: agreed--best trans, ever
* Handling: nimble, neutral (on the track)
* Easily to get into that "one-ness with the car" zone
* MPG: good; average 25mpg in mixed city/hwy
* A blast on the track--can keep up with more exotic hardware
* Driving position is perfect, even though the steering wheel is non-adjustable and seat can only move in 4 directions, manually.
* Great out of the box with little modification needed. This is one of the main reasons I bought the thing--I have great appreciation for OEM engineering
* Interior, while spartan, is of good quality: no rattles, tight panel gaps, solid switchgear feel. Better than a C6 ZR1's interior, IMHO (just quality, not feature set), for instance
* Maintenance is cheap!
* Best of all, I don't owe a dime on this car--haven't for a few years.

S2000 Cons:
* Need to rev it where ever I go. Yes, it's a double-edged sword.
* Passenger seat blows. I've ridden in it several times--bless my girlfriend's patience!
* Cannot do Costco/Home Depot runs. As a new homeowner, this really, really sucks.
* JFC this thing is noisy. My previous work life has completely damaged me in what I look for in NVH. I cannot hear anyone on my noise-cancelling BT headset. When accelerating, everyone stops talking--doesn't matter if they're riding shotgun or on the phone--it ALWAYS stops conversation. Getting annoying for me; I can only imagine what it's like for my friends & family.
* I've gotten tired of track days. I've gotten to the point where my lap times are consistent and I no longer have an adrenaline rush. It seems... very "normal." In order to go faster, would need several thousand dollars in upgrades. No, thanks.
* Can't hit up the mountain roads anymore. Too far away for the weekdays; too many cops & traffic on the weekends
* S2000 is literally just used as commuting, and weekend errands that don't require me purchasing much more than a small grocery run.
* Can't do double-dates--must take g/f's tired economy car
* Steering: while very precise, the EPS system takes all the feel out of it
* Ride quality: tolerable as a driver for trips < 100mi; mediocre after that. Horrible as a passenger. Let's just say ya don't wanna make the g/f's twins unhappy, because later that night I'll be unhappy.

E90 M3 Pros:
* 4-doors! Seats 5! Zomg!
* Power. "Enough" torque to not have to shift all the time.
* Finally, a decent audio system!
* Steering: feel/feedback is amazing
* Quiet in "normal" driving
* Suspension: Jeez--great ride quality and also great handling too? This is awesome!
* Buddy's E90 M3 has fold-down rear seats for the HD/Lowe's runs.
* 6-speed: Must have 3-pedals. I know the DCT is quicker; I just find a 3-pedal car more soulful & rewarding for myself. Just me though.
* Also great out of the box with no modifications needed--again, great OEM engineering, at least for performance.

E90 M3 Cons:
* MPG. 15-16mpg average?
* Shift feel just isn't the same as the S2000.
* Maintenance/reliability: this would be my first European car. Already reading about the throttle body motor gear stripping @ ~$800/ea for parts
* Motor oil: 10W-60? Really? And lots of it? C'mon...
* Used car: never had one before
* Color combo kinda so-so: dark grey (not sure which) with silver interior

* Funding: I just bought a GD house. I need to sell the S2000 to buy buddy's M3.
* Regrets: I've looked on this forum--everyone who has had an S2000 regretted selling it. However, of all those folks, almost all of them are non-M owners (mostly 335 owners). For those who have had an S2000 and now a E9x M3--I wonder what their take is? On the S2000 forum, there are MANY instances where people are second-time owners of the S2000: had one, sold it, regretted it, bought another used one later. I already know I'm going to regret selling it. But it would just be financially irresponsible to keep the S and also snap up my buddy's car.
* I could keep the S2000 and snap up a Honda Fit Sport in manual trans for DD duty, but man, not sure about a penalty box car.
* S2000 was bought literally a couple of weeks after the wedding: permission from the ex-wife was the only "wedding gift" that I wanted. Yeah. The S is tied to a dead marriage.
* Yes, I could ride the motorbike to work more, but putting on all my gear on, then off at the office... it's a PITA and takes longer than just driving! The 45mpg is a plus though.

Specs on Buddy's M3:
08MY, ~45K, 3-pedal, Cold, Premium, Tech. Very minimal mods--spacers, 18" OE wheels, exhaust (kept OE exhaust which I'll re-mount), shift knob, OE accessory pedals. Tint.

Anecdotal--I have a twisted/weird taste for cars... examples:
* Rather have a VW Jetta TDI 6-speed vs. a Maxima, for instance
* Fit Sport > MB C-class
* M3 > GT-R
* BR-Z > Mustang GT
* Altima V6 > Audi A4

So... what are YOUR thoughts? What do I do?! First-world problems for sure.
"It gave you amazing satisfaction, but anyone who says he loved it is either a liar or he wasn't going fast enough." - Jackie Stewart on racing at the Nurburgring