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Originally Posted by ace996 View Post
Before BMW started the 'free maintenance' the oil change interval was 7500 miles. Immediately after the new maintenance program, the interval went to 15000. Please try to imagine just how much money they save in materials and time by making it 15000 miles?

And lucky us...any problems from the 15000 mile intervals probably wont surface until after the warrantee period expires...oh joy, what fun that will be to replace VANOS or crank bearings on our own dime...

Do yourself and the next owner of your car a favor and drop the whole $100 in fluid/filter and change the oil like every other car...5-7K miles.

You have an interesting point with regard to cost savings, but why would BMW compromise their reputation over something as small as three or four oil changes per car sold? It just doesn't make any sense.