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Originally Posted by FwdFtl
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I ride a motorcycle and no way in hell would I ever break check a car, that's a losing battle. I do however carry 6 gauge BBs in my back pocket and if someone is being a super dick--i just throw a couple over my shoulder, down shift and I'm gone; leaving the person with a shattered windshield. I have yet to do this to anyone though, rather avoid drama.
Wouldn't that affect other innocent drivers as well? Or are these some remotely detonated BB's that can dissolve after they do their intended job?

I know if you were on a bike and tried to drop BB's at some car and they end up hitting/damaging my m5, I'm coming for you like the grim reaper.

/fighting words
you are assuming that I'm using METAL BBs. These are porcelain BBs, and yes, they do disappear on impact. MAGIC.

as long as you're not riding the ass of the car riding my ass, you will be safe. however, in an event that you do get hit--i am truly sorry but do you really think you can keep up with a Sportbike?

All in all, I've never actually done this but its fun to know you have the option.