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Originally Posted by JoeKixxon View Post
Austin, on Jollyville near Rudy's about 9:15-9:30 this morning: Black, spectacularly clean, E92 M3. I was on my bicycle, and the right lane was blocked, so the M3 was the car that slowed down and let me get around the blocked lane. THANK YOU! And sweet ride!

Also, I think I saw the VehiCROSS going northbound on Jollyville around 6:15 PM a couple days ago. I waved from my bicycle on the chance that it was whats77inaname
*lol* were you headed s/bound? If so, yah, I saw you *lol*

Today, around 945ish am, Braker and Mopac @ the Shell, blue +09 E90.

Also today, around 120ish, (I think) IB E92 @ Arboretum @ Great Hills, female driver.

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