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Originally Posted by E36_325i View Post
Most of the people on here who are complaining about how bad fake boobs feel probably have only felt the fakies of some 20 year old who went into the local hack who was advertising a BOGO on boob jobs. She financed the $3000 surgery at 35% interest just so she could be a D cause that's what rich older guys like.

A reputable Dr can create a damn near perfect breast augmentation that would be hard to pick out of a lineup as fake. It's an artform.

I bet most people in this thread would think half the girls i know with fakies had real boobs from visual inspection.

Hell, the girl i was talking about in the post above had a EKG done and the Dr. didn't even know she had fakies! He friggin put electrodes on her boobs and couldn't tell. He couldn't figure out why the readings were off and while he was explaining his confusion he said that some times happens when women have fake boobs..... he was quite impressed when she confessed.

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