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Originally Posted by NemesisX View Post

No but I never ever brake check anyone. If someone "cuts me off" (which I don't take offense to these days), I simply slow down in order to maintain a 2 second distance between the front end of my car and the back end of the car in front.

Similarly, if somebody tailgates me, I simply move over these days. If moving over is not an option, I might slow down a little so I have more room to brake in case the car in front of me decides to slam on his or her brakes. That way, I can give the tailgater behind more time to brake as well.

But honestly this situation rarely (if ever) arises. Most of the time, I'm simply able to move over and let the tailgater pass.
"Highway Driving 101: Etiquette & Safety" right here. Too bad most people are just too dumb to even remotely comprehend this concept.