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I knew it would be this video

No but I never ever brake check anyone. If someone "cuts me off" (which I don't take offense to these days), I simply slow down in order to maintain a 2 second distance between the front end of my car and the back end of the car in front.

Similarly, if somebody tailgates me, I simply move over these days. If moving over is not an option, I might slow down a little so I have more room to brake in case the car in front of me decides to slam on his or her brakes. That way, I can give the tailgater behind more time to brake as well.

But honestly this situation rarely (if ever) arises. Most of the time, I'm simply able to move over and let the tailgater pass.

Tailgating used to be a huge pet peeve of mine (it still is) but I've found that I've mellowed out over the years. Don't get me wrong - I would love to see tailgaters pulled over by the police, but I think the big revelation for me was that I should, in fact, leave it to the police. This sort of vigilante "justice" (brake checking) doesn't sit well with me.

Honestly looking at this video both people are at fault. Had cooler heads prevailed, this accident would not have happened, and it only takes one. If the motorcyclist hadn't brake checked, this wouldn't have happened. If the guy in the car was big enough to shrug off something as menial as being "cut off," this wouldn't have happened. A rational person would've simply slowed down the moment the motorcyclist cut him off, and the subsequent brake check wouldn't have even been an issue.

Hell, if anything, if the car had slowed down the motorcyclist probably would not have been angered into brake checking in the first place.

This is just a classic case of two small people with gigantic egos clashing.