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Buying a car from a private party in California

Forgive me for the basic question, but I'm an Arizona dude.

In AZ, you can simply buy a car from a private party, take the title to the DMV, and transfer the title into your name (no tax if you buy from a private party). If you want to actually drive the car on the road, you then need to pay registration. If the car has not been smogged within 2 years, then it will need to pass smog.

How does it work in California?

My understanding is that you must take the title to the DMV and then pay tax on the value of the car. Is this correct?

What if I buy a track car and don't want to register it or drive it on public streets? Can I simply put the title in my name and avoid paying tax if I don't register the car? Or must tax be paid when the title transfers?