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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
You know it's rude to talk down to people because they may have or may be married to someone with a boob job. there are plenty of confident women out there with boob jobs. there are also plenty of women out there who just want to look better, to have their appearance match their confidence.

Not everyone was born with playboy boobs you know. Some people get boobs because one is smaller than another, or they had an operation that caused one do be different than another. What about someone who had a mastectomy? Are they the insecure girls you talking about that get boobs? Are they the shallow ones you speak of? What about someone who has that perfect ass you like but is totally flat chested so they get a pair of C cups to balance out their appearance? Totally shallow? Do you think the same of people who hit the gym and limit their food intake so they can stay slim, that kind of shallow?

You should think about people being in situations other than buying triple Es to enhance their stripper income that get boobs. Plenty of normal, confident, sexy women decide to get boobs after they were normal, confident and sexy.
Im sorry, but there is a HUGE difference between:
"Buying my wife some huge tits so I can motorboat her chest all night long awwww yeah baby"
"Helping my wife get breast augmentation surgery to give her back her confidence after (name your disease here) took her breasts away"

Im against fake boobs. Ive been with girls with one C and one A for god's sake. I dont care, I loved them for WHO THEY ARE, NOT the things on their chest. If a woman is SO obsessed with her appearance that her perfect ass isnt enough, then I am not interested and yes, that is shallow of her.

People going to the gym and staying in shape to sculpt the bodies they have are vastly different than people who pay surgeons to add or subtract things from their bodies to give them the bodies they want.

And you are right. Not everyone was born with Playboy boobs. What you seem to be implying though, is that everyone deserves Playboy boobs and should have Playboy boobs. I disagree. Most women dont want Playboy boobs anyways.

Also, I find it incredibly hard to imagine a "normal, confident, sexy women" getting a boob job. MOST women (normal) are against this kind of shit because they think its shallow. Confident women dont need bigger tits to feel good, they are already confident. Sexy women dont need bigger tits to be sexy, they are already sexy.

Most women who get (non-medical) breast surgery are insecure. Almost all, in fact. Thats why they get the surgery, to try to calm their insecurities and bolster their self-esteem by improving their appearance. It rarely works because their insecurities are usually rooted in deeper issues of their appearance, acceptance and self-worth. Maybe you live at the surface and trust whatever reason they make up for getting the surgery, but if you actually talk to the girls who get these surgeries, and find the real reasons why they got breast implants, its NOT because they were confident before-hand. At least in the MAJORITY of cases.

Originally Posted by daviddn View Post
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Never been a fan of big boobs. Honestly, I think it takes away the inner beauty aspect of a woman. The breasts become the primary focus for most men.
Yup I agree 100% about the inner beauty point.

And expanding on this, women who grew up without large breasts had to develop a personality. I have seen really great and intelligent 22 year old girls get breast surgery then turn into... well... bimbos, I suppose, for lack of a better word. Grown women may be less likely to fall victim to this change of heart associated with the increased attention from the bigger breasts but its still something to consider
Originally Posted by carve View Post
It's really no different than clothes, makeup, hair, exercise, or working out to change how you look- there's just no other way to alter breast size.
It is completely different. You dont need surgery to change outfits, put on new makeup, or sport a new hairstyle. Clothes, makeup, hair, is all reversible. Its all temporary. Breast surgery is a PERMANENT surgery.

No other way to alter breast size?

Buy your girl a push-up bra FFS.

I really dont like this thread. There are obviously a few different trains of thought here... some guys prefer their women au naturalle, some seem to only care about looks and are disgusted that a guy would be interested in a woman for who she is and now what she looks like. Its like they literally cant fathom it... others seem to be somewhere in the middle.

I will say, if I fell in love with a woman with fake boobs, thats a bit of a different story. I am talking about marrying a woman then having her get a boob job just to make you happy. That to me, is incredibly selfish and morally wrong (unless she wanted them too - at which case its her body and her choice, not yours!)

Despite some people's rude comments about my statements, I stand by what I said.

You should love your wife for who she is and if you dont love her for who she is (and what she isnt), maybe you shouldnt have married her.

Love is not "I love you but want to change this one thing about you"
Love is "I love everything about you"

Some guys may not understand that, still others may not agree, but to me, there is NO other way to even look at the situation.

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