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Finally, I had Mike push the servotronic steering tune into my car. Swervotronic, Benvotronic, whatever you want to call it... GET IT! I read an earlier post where the author said it made his car feel like it was on rails. This is completely accurate. In M-mode, it just feels awesome-- and this is on the street, I can only imagine what it feels like on the track. There are several off/on-ramps and interchanges in my area that I love taking in my M3 due to their geometry (sharp curves, s-turns, etc.) These are where the feel of the new steering is most noticeable, when I'm changing speed while turning. My uneducated opinion is that the amount of assist is reduced which intensifies the driver's feel of the road and requires more input from him in order to turn the car. In unscientific terms... it is a more engaging driving experience.
What servotronic profile did you ask Mike to create for you?
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