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Originally Posted by Bobble View Post
Have you? I been with a couple and honestly some are very natural and one in particular was like lifting bags of cement but it still was fun for me! I just don't get why people bash over this, to each his own. The reasons are very personal to almost all people. I personally cannot stand floppy ones nor ugly feet but that's my personal opinion. I don't go around bashing others for it.
Many, from the early silcone days to the all new 'natural' tonic water they use and every time it was gross. You are correct it is personal preference, and I am more of a feel than a visual person. I may be in the minority but I like some natural flop and squishness. Call me crazy

But you know what really turned me off.

Each and every girl that I have been with, who has had them has said they've become desensitized there. One girl told me she was completely numb in her nipples another told me it felt like pins and needles when I would fondle them. There is nothing more demoralizing for a guy who feels like he's not doing his all to turn the girl he's with on and I felt with fake boobs girls were either completely self conscious about them or had lost sensation to the point they didn't appreciate having a guy play with them. That is just plain sad imo.