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Originally Posted by empilot
It's been 4 days and about 100 miles since I had my 2011 E92 tuned and coded by Mike at BPM Sport and so far I am thoroughly impressed with his product. I initially just wanted feature coding, as I was hesitant to second guess the engineers at BMW and change what they considered to be the best they could do with the electronic mapping of the S65's workings.

What I want to know now, is why did those engineers not do their best when programming this engine's software? My BPM Sport tune has improved my car's drivability immensely and has enhanced my overall driving experience.

First, the cold start cycle is gone. I'll admit I liked the 30-second muscle car growl that a loud cold start provided but I don't miss it. The smooth and calm start is much more enjoyable for me as the car no longer shakes and seems like I woke it up on the wrong side of the bed. The exhaust odor is more noticeable initially but I don't mind at all. Personal preference on this one but I think it fits the M3. (Plus I like sticking it to the EPA)

Next, is the throttle response. Let me first say that I do not track my M3 and I don't drag race for pink slips (I'm old) so what I'm referring to here is just the response that I get out of the car when hitting the gas as I pull out of the driveway, take a highway on-ramp, or pass that pain-in-the-ass semi on a two-lane road. Any hesitation is now COMPLETELY GONE. Previously, when I would step on the gas for aggressive acceleration, the car would at times seem to take a second to think about it before delivering what I demanded. The response is now instant--as it should be. The normal mode feels like what sport used to be and sport is now even crisper. It is like a driving a different car.

Third, is the overall power and acceleration improvement. The car pulls better. All I'm using for this is my seatofthepants-o-meter, but I swear my car is faster. If I were asked why I think so, I'd have to say that it seems like the engine is less restricted and is breathing better-- more openly. It probably has something to do with torque management, but to me it feels like the engine is less restricted than it was.

I opted out of the raised redline to avoid any warranty issues but I did do away with the 155mph speed limiter. I'll probably never see 156 or more but it adds to my enjoyment knowing that I got it if I want (or need) it.

Finally, I had Mike push the servotronic steering tune into my car. Swervotronic, Benvotronic, whatever you want to call it... GET IT! I read an earlier post where the author said it made his car feel like it was on rails. This is completely accurate. In M-mode, it just feels awesome-- and this is on the street, I can only imagine what it feels like on the track. There are several off/on-ramps and interchanges in my area that I love taking in my M3 due to their geometry (sharp curves, s-turns, etc.) These are where the feel of the new steering is most noticeable, when I'm changing speed while turning. My uneducated opinion is that the amount of assist is reduced which intensifies the driver's feel of the road and requires more input from him in order to turn the car. In unscientific terms... it is a more engaging driving experience.

Mike was easy to work with and I'm sure he'll be available should I need a re-flash or have any issues. Should anyone have any specific questions, feel free to fire me a PM.
Great review as I agree with 99% of what you said. I had the stage 2 tune on my car for about 3k miles and just tonight reflashed the tune but this time with swervtronic. Simply put I LOVE it.

On a side note the little extra tweak Mike put into this file is plain awesome. I swear my car is now louder and faster now and I hope the ECU doest somehow adapt this aggressiveness back out. My car is now M3++... I can not wait to pair this with Euro MDM and the MRF mid-pipe in the coming months :-D