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Originally Posted by NemesisX View Post
You don't have to post your personal return. All you need to post is the little snippet in the fine print that says you're guaranteed 11.5% (or 11-14%, or whatever it says).

If you just posted a picture of a $500k account that accrued 11.5% in interest one year, that doesn't tell me anything. I don't care about that. That's what your 1099-INT would show me, but that doesn't tell me anything.

I only care about the part that talks about the guaranteed 11-14% APY. And I'm just curious as to why HSBC Australia's online account says something completely different for investments in the $1 - $1,000,000 range.
Lol I would never post anything online showing my money. Dumbest thing anyone can do. I don't have any part where it says I am getting this much. I did the math by dividing my percentage of the trust by how much I got. If you were here and had a $500k portfolio, I would take you my local HSBC lady and you could argue with her about whatever you want.