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Originally Posted by badazzm View Post
Americans bank are hovering around 1% and checking online won't do you any good dude. Can you please go into an HSBC and show them you actually have a $500k portfolio? Talk to me then. Like I said, I don't care and don't about investments much but that is where my trust is and earning that much. I get an 1099-INT end of the year which goes on my tax return. Sorry you had to type up an essay for nothing.
I didn't type up an essay. Most of the post is a copy/paste from that article.

And honestly I will call them up because 11-14% is absolutely ridiculous.

You sound way too blase with your money, imo. If I were you I'd check to make sure that you're really earning a guaranteed 11-14% in your savings account, because if that's true you're making a better return on your money than the top hedge fund managers on earth.

Warren Buffet, for all his expertise, doesn't average that kind of return per year.