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Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
If you have 309k to buy my house in cash at 26, then I'm impressed. I was only able to put 60k downpayment. It sounds like you know what you're doing so keep acquiring that currency.
Yep I sure do. Not all mine though. I have $167k of my own and a very good chunk of my grandmother's trust which is invested in Australia currently. HSBC is paying 11.5-14% interest on savings account with $500k and up portfolios. I invested $11,000 of pizza delivery boy earned money into apple when it was $84.14 in Feb 2009. I sold it at $702.17 last year in Sept getting back a good chunk. Working for the past three years I have been able to save $30-$35k a year. Apple was pure luck and grandma's money is inherited. I am not super smart and don't care about investing and all. I like to work and party. Would never live alone unless I am married.