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Originally Posted by W///
Originally Posted by Z K View Post
What is "Rms"? What other differences are worth noting for the model years?

I shopped for a pre-owned Cayman S for a while before picking up the M3. Loved the Cayman but just couldn't find "the one". Too bad the Cayman R are going for insane prices. That would be the ultimate Cayman.
RMS = rear main seal. Costly job to replace, even more so to repair if it all goes bad.

If buying Porsche from between the years the 996 to early 997 (Boxsters and Caymans included), I'm going to stick to Mezger engines aka the ones in 911 Turbos, GT2/3 ect...
Mezger engines are not immune to the RMS leaks. Even the turbos and GT's have their share of main seal failures. I have no idea what the Mezger/non-Mezger RMS ratios is but I've seen these happen.

I'd go FRS/BRZ. If fun/track is your intention than this spartan car is the way to go. Great drivers car and with the money you save, you could get a fully built 450hp turbo motor from Crawford Performance! Though, if you occasionally want to take your wife/GF out to dinner, then P-car.