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Originally Posted by AZ4K View Post
So...this thread got hijacked. To the OP, I suggest you leave town again, but disconnect the brakes this time. Collect on insurance.
I don't think OP had voluntary manslaughter in mind when it comes to punishment for driving his M3.

I don't think asking advice here is the best thing to do. We just don't know enough personal info about you and your roommate to make any reasonable recommendations. You could be best friends with him. You could have done the same to him in the past. You might not put much weight on someone else driving your car, especially when you were cool enough to leave the keys around. Maybe you owe him rent, utilities, bills etc. Who knows? BUT are we 100% sure that your roommate is the total douche and you had nothing to do with this? Think about it bro.

Honestly, its just a car. If you can actually charge him exactly for the x amount of miles he drove then you probably shouldn't be driving an M3. I'd say forgive him, let it slide and have him owe you one down the road.

"Hey I see that you're driving this nice brand new "luxury/sports" car now, remember the time you took my M3 out for a joyride? Im gonna need this for a week. lol."