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I was there on Saturday with NASA.

I have not been to Pocono for 3 years, at that time it wasn't my favorite track as the infield courses were narrow and bumpy.

Much different now with the repaving. The infield courses are much wider and smooth. Used to be you did all the passing on the big track portions of the run, you just followed on the infield portions. The straight on the North infield was the only internal passing zone.


Really like the new southeast, all infield course. Lots of quick turn combinations. If you haven't tried it, I agree give it a shot.
Nice place to practice trail braking over steer or power on over steer to get the fat butt of our M3's around the sharp turns on some of the corners. Our group leader told us that if you hadn't spun out or gone off track on this course you weren't trying hard enough. ( NASA sometimes has a more forgiving attitude ( aggressive?) about driving than the BMW clubs).

The other course we were running that day was the Long course, the infield of the North course plus the long way around the big track. Clock-wise direction this day.
Spooky, I hit 160 mph on the back straight and 152 on the front.
Actually braked for the NASCAR turn ( the tightest of the third corners) to only do it at 120 mph. There were fresh skid marks from a car that lost it on that turn hitting the wall that morning that reminded me not to determine my traction limit.

The turn in to the North course from the front straight went around a 8 foot high tire mound so you couldn't see the right turn behind it. The north infield was now wide enough that you didn't need to use all the width in several corners. Would have been easy to pass in if they let us.

Bottom-line, loved the multi-turn southwest course, a little over awed by the run on the big track ( would prefer more turns and less super speed).
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