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Originally Posted by Pinz View Post
Thanks very much for clarifying that, I feel much more at ease now.

I am assuming there wouldn't be any difference between a 2013 M3 built in 2012 vs in 2013? They still use the same materials and production process, right? Or would the same model with a later production date be more desirable / cost more?
My 2013 was produced in July 2012 (but I got the car as soon as it arrived at the dealership). There should no differences with later production MY 2013 cars....... with the exception of possibly updated software. Sometimes there are model year changes within the same model year, which is why you see signatures like 2011.5, but I've not seen this for MY 2013.

I know my car received the latest software (when they built the car), which is upgraded software as compared to..... those installed in MY 2011 or MY 2012 (can't remember exactly). I haven't been on the boards that much in the last months... so you could do a search on these boards to determine the latest software.

The only thing is that the car sat on the lot for a number of months. I don't think that would be a problem in itself, if the car starts up and drives fine. My previous 335 sat on a lot for a few months and got tree sap dropped on it. Which was hard to remove. So my dealer paid the tab for a professional detailer to do it.

Originally Posted by alee0729 View Post
Picking up on Monday at the Performance Center, completing my ED/PCD journey and finally joining the class of 2013 now that I'll be reunited with the car.
Awesome!!! Bet you can't wait.
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